Closure of Conference project. Post-Conference Plans

Many many thanks to everyone who participated in the conference, to all those who presented papers, read their poetry or translations, contributed to discussions or just came to listen.

This blog will remain open as a record of the conference proceedings and will continue to include the programme, the abstracts of the presentations and the short biographies of the participants.

We have removed the conference papers from this site because we intend to include revised versions in a post-conference book. This book will not be a representation of the conference proceedings as such, however, but a volume of articles roughly reflecting the structure of the conference. The book will be edited by Ursula Philips, supported by a team of advisers (Urszula Chowaniec, Knut Andreas Grimstad, Kris Van Heuckelom and Elwira Grossman). It is expected that the volume will appear in 2013.

Should anyone wish to contact the authors of papers or read the original papers, please contact the conference organizer.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Agnieszka Mrozik

She is a researcher at the Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, and holds MA degrees in Polish Studies and in American Studies from the University of Warsaw. She teaches on the Institute's Postgraduate Gender Studies programme and the Faculty of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw. She has published in the following journals: Portret, Zadra, Bez Dogmatu, LiteRacja, Środkowoeuropejskie Studia Polityczne, Media, Kultura. Komunikacja Społeczna, Przegląd, Gazeta Wyborcza, Res Publica Nowa and as well as in anthologies. She is the coordinator of Feminaria - a cycle of socio-cultural discussions organized by the Institute of Literary Research's Gender Studies programme.
Recent publications include: “Czas superwomen. Młode kobiety w nauce”, Tekstualia 2010: 4, pp. 13-24; “Gender Studies in Poland: Prospects, Limitations, Challenges”, Dialogue and Universalism 2010: 5-6, pp. 19-29; “Motherhood as a Source of Suffering: On the Contemporary Polish Discourse of Maternity”, in Mapping Experience in Polish and Russian Women’s Writing, ed. Marja Rytkonen, Kirsi Kurkijärvi, Urszula Chowaniec and Ursula Phillips, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2010, pp. 214-239; “‘Wywołać z milczenia’. Literackie coming-outy aborcyjne ostatnich lat”, in Nowe dwudziestolecie (1989-2009). Rozpoznania. Hierarchie. Perspektywy, ed. Hanna Gosk, Warsaw: Elipsa, 2010, pp. 333-352; “Bombowniczki? Pożegnania z Matką Polką w prozie kobiet po 1989 roku”, in Napisać kobietę… Dyskusje bułgarsko-polskie w latach transformacji, ed. Magda Karabełowa and Anna Nasiłowska, Sofia: Ośrodek Wydawniczy „Bojan Penew”, 2009, pp. 88-114.